Chapter 1411: The Vast Expanse Bell Heralds the Arrival of a Paragon!


The young woman was so focused on rebuking the young man that she didn’t notice what happened when she threw Meng Hao into the back of her flying shuttle. His eyelids twitched, although he didn’t quite yet have the strength to open his eyes.

Furthermore, the young woman didn’t notice that after Meng Hao landed in the back of the flying shuttle, various tiny vortexes opened up around him. Then, the mist which surrounded them formed into strands which began to seep into the flying shuttle!

The strands of mist circulated inside of the shuttle and then began to enter into Meng Hao. More and more of the mist vanished into him, like a river pouring into a dry channel.

Apparently, Meng Hao’s injuries were so severe that he lacked the power to even absorb the mist of the Vast Expanse on his own. However, there was something about the flying shuttle that helped him to gradually begin building up the power he lacked to open his eyes.

Time passed, and for some reason the flying shuttle seemed to be going faster and faster. Eventually, the young woman, despite being so involved in berating the young man, finally noticed the increase in speed. At first, her jaw dropped, but then she began to laugh heartily.

“See, little...

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