Chapter 1409: My Mountain and Sea Realm!

Chapter 1409: My Mountain and Sea Realm!

“Bear in mind, I can only grant one wish,” the parrot said coolly. “After that wish, I will sleep. Then I will travel the starry sky, and only after visiting tens upon tens of thousands of worlds will I awaken once more…. Only at that time can a second wish be granted!” The copper mirror glittered with scintillating light as the parrot’s words echoed out into the Vast Expanse.

As of this moment, the pressure radiating from the parrot caused the Immortal God Continent to tremble, and the Devil Realm Continent to shake. All of the surrounding cultivators were panting, and their hearts were thumping nervously. The 9-Essences experts forcibly reigned in their cultivation bases, and as for the most powerful experts of the two land masses who had either remained silent this whole time, or sent out streams of will, they too were shaken mentally.

They could sense that both the parrot and the copper mirror… had a slight trace of the will of the Vast Expanse upon them. That was a will that they couldn't even attempt to cause to tremble. Only... a Transcendent cultivator could comprehend it!

As for Transcending, that was something that,...

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