Chapter 1404: Immortal, God, Demon, Devil, Ghost!


As the butterfly flew along, Meng Hao stood there on its back, blood oozing out of his mouth. Although he had seemed impressively mighty in the fight just now, the truth was that his cultivation base was unstable, a result of being interrupted during the process of absorbing the good fortune from Shui Dongliu.

He was still incapable of entering the world within the butterfly. He wasn't sure exactly why, but whenever he tried to enter the wings, the butterfly would begin to tremble on the verge of collapse.

As the wings of the butterfly, Meng Hao’s parents looked into the matter, as did Ksitigarbha and others. They came to the conclusion that Meng Hao’s aura was currently incompatible with the butterfly because of not having completely absorbed Shui Dongliu’s good fortune. After the process was complete, and his various auras were in balance, there should be a way to enter.

That matter in and of itself wasn’t of great concern, and didn’t affect Meng Hao’s ability to defend the butterfly. Therefore, he sat cross-legged on its back, looking out at the Vast Expanse, an expression of reminiscence occasionally appearing on his face.

He thought back to the Mountain and Sea Realm, to Shui Dongliu,...

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