Chapter 1400: Green Coffin Vortex!

Chapter 1400: Green Coffin Vortex!

Sea Dream’s divine sense spread out further and further. Everything from her waist down had transformed into motes of light. It was then that, shockingly, she noticed... a vortex, spinning somewhere far, far away.

It was a vortex larger and grander than the space once occupied by the Paragon Immortal Realm, and within it could be sensed an intense, terrifying pressure that was no less powerful than that exerted by the Immortal God Continent.

There was indescribable danger inside, and within the cracks and crevices that riddled the swirling vortex, it was just possible to discern that in the centermost region... was a coffin!!

The coffin was green, and inside of it was the corpse of a woman who almost appeared to be sleeping.

Next to the coffin was a stone stele, upon which was a line of script that Paragon Sea Dream could just barely read.

“The entire starry sky owes me a debt, and likewise... I owe you a debt. You could awaken from slumber if you wished, but you do not. Well then... I will use this starry sky, transformed into the Vast Expanse, to accompany you in death.”

That vortex was a place that had nothing whatsoever to do with the Mountain and Sea Realm, the Immortal...

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