Chapter 1395: The Mountains and Seas Erupt!


The seal was the most critical factor in Shui Dongliu’s plan. In addition to the 33 Heavens and Dao Fang, there was something else suppressing the Mountain and Sea Realm... a seal left behind by the two powerful forces which had fought the Paragon Immortal Realm!

That was the key, and that seal’s name was... the Aeon Span! It actually didn't exist within the Mountain and Sea Realm itself, but outside of the 33 Heavens. Also... only the arrival of the Immortal God Continent, and the pressure which came with it, could make the invisible Aeon Span appear in the starry sky of the Mountain and Sea Realm.

This was the very moment that Shui Dongliu had been waiting for!

Tearing open that seal required a blow from a powerful land mass, like what had just happened. In addition, the auras of both the 33 Heavens and the Immortal God Realm needed to be fused with... Demonic qi!

Those three types of energy, when merged together, could weaken the Aeon Span. Missing even one of them was unacceptable. But with all of them together, along with the force produced by continents colliding... a hole could be opened.

That was the purpose of Windswept’s traitorous act, and that was the purpose of Slaughter severing a corner of the...

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