Chapter 1392: Happy Now?

Chapter 1392: Happy Now?

There was a Devil.

And there was a God, who was half of an Immortal.

Furthermore, there ought to have been a true Immortal!

The Paragon Immortal Realm was to be the birthplace of that Immortal. Apparently it had been foreordained that at some point in history, the Immortal would open his eyes, and stride forth to reach the ultimate peak of existence.

The Immortal was above the God, and could suppress the Devil!

That was the legend which was spoken of. However, the truth was... what was being produced by the Paragon Immortal Realm right now, was not the Immortal.

It was...

The Demon!

The Mountains and Seas were the birthplace, and all the resources of Heaven and Earth were called upon to instigate this change with the Immortal. He had watched his family self-detonate, and the starry sky shook. Amidst laughter and tears, the Immortal became... the Demon!

“The Demon...” murmured Shui Dongliu, looking in the direction of Planet South Heaven. “Now the Aeon Span has its Demonic qi....” [1. The “Aeon” here has actually been mentioned many times in the story, but was translated differently. It comes from the Demon Sealing mantra, which is very obscure and vague in Chinese, and involved a lot of guessing to translate. Back when I first worked on the mantra, this chapter hadn’t even been released in Chinese, and...

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