Chapter 1388: We Mountain and Sea Cultivators!

Chapter 1388: We Mountain and Sea Cultivators!

The large-headed cultivator and the female Paragon were now facing the wrath of Meng Hao; simultaneously, they unleashed Essence power that transformed into a sea of light that blocked his path.

Rumbling sounds rose up as Meng Hao shot forward and slammed head first into the sea of light, allowing it to envelop him as he fought his way forward.

The female Paragon was shocked, and the large-headed cultivator was visibly moved. They had just joined forces to unleash a shocking attack, but instead of evading, Meng Hao was trying to force his way through it.

Booms could be heard as an asteroid formed around Meng Hao, which shattered after only a few breaths of time. Then he became an azure roc, which shattered just as quickly. Finally, the meat jelly appeared, gritting its teeth as it transformed into a suit of armor. It was only at that point that Meng Hao burst out from within the sea of light!

“Want to pass? Never!” A venomous gleam appeared in the female Paragon’s eyes, hatred for how Meng Hao had threatened her life during the recent fighting. She...

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