Chapter 1385: Life or Death for the People of the Mountains and Seas!

Chapter 1385: Life or Death for the People of the Mountains and Seas!

However, no one responded to Li Ling’er. Instead, more declarations of surrender began to ring out in the starry sky.

“I speak for the Heavenly Dao Sect....”

“I speak for the Sen Clan....”

In the moments before the incense stick finished burning, one voice after another spoke out within the Ninth Mountain and Sea. With the exception of the sects from the Ninth Mountain itself, and some of the staunchest sects from the other Mountains and Seas, everyone seemed to be choosing to surrender....

Every voice that spoke caused Meng Hao to sink further into silence, until... suddenly a calm voice rang out, ancient and womanly. As soon as Meng Hao heard that voice, he looked up.

“I am the will of the Ninth Sea, and I... choose to leave the Mountain and Sea Realm. I choose... to surrender.”

In total, seven sects and eleven clans chose to surrender, as well as hundreds of thousands of individual cultivators. The final number of cultivators exceeded a million.

The moment that those clans and sects chose to surrender, their only option was to follow the command of Shui Dongliu and leave the Mountain and Sea Realm....

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