Chapter 1381: Fierce Killing!

Chapter 1381: Fierce Killing!

The 8-Essences Paragon remained within the triangular sealing mark. As she looked out at the Mountain and Sea Realm, she spoke, her voice cool, “The Mountain and Sea Realm is doomed.... All bloodlines will be wiped out. Nothing will remain. The fact that you have been able to keep fighting till this point shows that the 33 Heavens truly underestimated you people.

“However... with absolute power like ours, you will fade away into the passage of time. The glory of the Immortal World should have become nothing more than ash. The fact that you are still gasping for life will merely ensure that, through all history, Immortals will be scorned and derided.”

As her words echoed out, they could be heard by all of the cultivators of the Mountain and Sea Realm.

“I'm curious. Did you people actually think that there was still hope for you? After the 33 Heavens are the other two great worlds, the Devil Realm and the Immortal God Continent. Those two great powers are immeasurably close....

“What makes you think your trifling Mountains and Seas could possibly fight them?...

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