Chapter 1379: Incredible Power

Chapter 1379: Incredible Power

“The Fourth Hex... Self Hexing!” Meng Hao watched the world vanishing in front of him, and all of the various clones of himself fading away. Finally, he rose to his feet.

His cultivation base had not experienced any transformations, but now, he no longer had six Hexing magics, but seven!

“I'm now only two Hexing Magics away from the full nine. One of them is the original First Hex, and the other is my own Ninth Hex, the final one!” As Meng Hao thought back to all the different times he had acquired Hexing magics throughout his life, he sighed.

Turning, he waved his hand, causing his Soul Lamps to appear. He had a total of 33, with 10 of them being extinguished and 23 still burning.

“There are Seven Desolations, and I have already passed the first two. Now, after having consumed the power of Paragon Mythdragon, I can start the Third Desolation!” Meng Hao’s eyes shone with a bright light as he focused on his 11th Soul Lamp.

“The Third Desolation, the Desolation of the heart....” After a moment of thought, Meng Hao extended his right hand and pointed at the Soul Lamp. A wind blasted out,...

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