Chapter 1366: Advancing the Decisive Battle!

Chapter 1366: Advancing the Decisive Battle!

Out in the starry sky, the two Outsider Paragons, Xuan Fang and Mythdragon, looked shocked. Mythdragon was hesitating, but Xuan Fang merely sighed, and a cold gleam appeared in his eyes as he pointed a finger up toward the land mass that was the 5th Heaven.

“Fellow Daoist Mythdragon, please lend me a hand once more.”

Mythdragon sighed within his cloak of darkness. “Fine, I'm useless when it comes to strategy. Just tell me what to do.” With that he rotated his cultivation base, whereupon a faint roar like that of a dragon echoed out. At the same time, numerous faint, shadowy forms appeared and began to swirl around him as he helped Xuan Fang set the 5th Heaven in motion.

The huge land mass that was the 5th Heaven emitted enormous rumbling sounds, and then began to crush down toward the Mountain and Sea Realm.

Meanwhile, the power of the eighteen Imperial Lord corpses was erupting out. Their discarnate souls were burning away, allowing incredible power of Heaven and Earth to be directed toward the 3rd Heaven.

Massive rumbling sounds echoed out, and brilliant colors flashed. Cracks began to spread out across the 3rd Heaven, and soon it began to crumble and collapse.

The eighteen...

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