Chapter 1363: Sealing a Paragon!


In the First Sea, the Mountain and Sea cultivators were already engaging in fierce fighting with the Outsiders. Unending rubble from the shattered 2nd Heaven rained down, some of it piercing down to land on the Mountain and Sea below it, and even the planets there.

Incredible casualties resulted!

The war was no longer balanced.... The situation was now anything but that, and it was all because of... Xuan Fang!

The reason why the Mountain and Sea Realm was now in such an unfavorable position was because of... Xuan Fang!

As of this moment, a cold smile could be seen on Xuan Fang’s mouth as he sped along, intent on leaving the Mountain and Sea Realm. His plan had worked. Meng Hao was destined to die, and the Mountain and Sea shield was broken. Of course, he had been seriously injured in the process, and he now needed to leave the Mountain and Sea Realm to recover. Control of the war effort would now be handed over to the other Paragon.

However, even in the moment in which he hoped to flee, a rotting, skeletal figure appeared, which was Meng Hao. Laughing a grating, maniacal laugh, he smiled and said, “Paragon Xuan Fang, you threw yourself out as bait, so...

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