Chapter 1360: Six Hexes Combine!


100,000 individuals were all thinking the same thing. Their life forces connected to the spell formation, and their souls thrummed with unyielding ardor. Their cultivation base power made them as one, as they fought together to protect Meng Hao.

Xuan Fang laughed coldly, then stomped his foot down. Instantly, everything began to shake violently, and an intense rumbling sound could be heard as the 100,000 cultivators coughed up mouthfuls of blood.

Meng Hao was in the middle of the spell formation, mind reeling. He couldn't simply sit there and ignore what was happening. He knew that he wasn’t a match for a Paragon, and also knew that all he had to do was close his eyes and wait for enough time to pass. If enough time was bought it might be possible... to hold out for that full quarter hour until the mist dispersed.

At that time, he might be able to make it out alive!

However... Meng Hao did not choose to wait. Performing an incantation gesture, he ceased to draw upon the power of the sun. If he continued to do so in his current state, it would deplete the life forces of the 100,000 cultivators even faster than before, which was something he wouldn’t do.

He strode forward, leaving the spell...

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