Chapter 1359: Oh So Devious!

Chapter 1359: Oh So Devious!

Merge my will with that of the Heavens. My fist arouses the sun, becoming a fist of light!

As of that moment, Meng Hao’s will converged in the form of the God-Slaying Fist. Advancing courageously and with complete determination, he unleashed the powerful blow.

When it slammed into Paragon Xuan Fang’s fist, massive booms rang out. A tremor ran through Meng Hao, and his right arm distorted. Blood sprayed out of his mouth, and he was sent tumbling backward as though he had been struck by a powerful blast.

However, at the same time, Xuan Fang's eyes flickered with astonishment. Although he appeared to have been unfazed, the five fingers of his right hand were tingling in pain, and he couldn’t even stretch them out. An injury like this wasn't something that would cause him to cough up blood. And yet, his finger bones were crushed, and the other bones in his arm were fractured. However, the intense pain only caused the killing intent in Xuan Fang’s eyes to deepen. Once again, he closed in on Meng Hao.

“Wish you could get away?” Xuan Fang chuckled. However, even as he closed in, Meng Hao suddenly stopped in place and looked up, his eyes gleaming with ferocity as his Green Emperor’s Eternal Incantation operated at full speed.

“The thought never crossed my mind,” he replied icily. Azure light shone out as he transformed into an azure roc, which then shot toward Xuan Fang at high speed. A piercing cry rang out, and at the same time, numerous mountains descended, along with the Paragon Bridge, which erupted with intense power.

Rumbling could be heard as Paragon Xuan Fang laughed coldly, choosing not to evade, but instead to step forward and make a grasping motion. Immediately, golden light sprang into being in front of him, within which flickered innumerable magical symbols. A spell formation was formed, which radiated the power of the stars, causing the five elements to be thrown into chaos, and strange lights to flicker.

The spell formation immediately shot toward Meng Hao, causing his mountains to shatter and destroying his azure roc form. Azure light scattered, and Meng Hao’s human form emerged, looking completely bedraggled. His chest was a mass of blood and gore, and even organs were visible.

Without the incredible effort of the Green Emperor’s Eternal Incantation, which constantly healed him, Meng Hao would already be dead. Even with it, he was clearly in an extremely precarious situation.

“Now this is a Paragon....” he thought, eyes flickering with an unyielding gleam. His fight with Eegoo hadn’t been nearly as intense as this. Right now, he was trapped, and had no other choice but to face the terrifying might of a Paragon.

And this was just a 7-Essences Paragon!

Rumbling sounds echoed out as the golden spell formation bore down on Meng Hao. He threw his head back and roared, causing brilliant light to shine off of the Paragon Bridge as it fought back.

The pressure from the Paragon Bridge caused the golden spell formation to tremble, and finally break into pieces. The Paragon Bridge shuddered, but continued to crush downward toward Xuan Fang.

Xuan Fang’s eyes widened. He suddenly looked more closely at the Paragon Bridge, and his expression flickered. Backing up, he performed a double-handed incantation gesture, then placed his finger onto his forehead. Instantly, golden light erupted from the top of his head, transforming into a golden lion. An expression of avarice appeared on Xuan Fang’s face, and he began to laugh.

“I can’t believe it's THAT bridge.... I’ll take it!” The golden lion was a sliver of Xuan Fang’s psyche, and as it flew out, it began to swirl around the Paragon Bridge, attempting to use the power of a Paragon to sever the connection between it and Meng Hao.

Meng Hao had no time to try to stabilize the connection. It was a critical moment of deadly crisis, but Meng Hao was confident that as long as he himself didn’t die, the bridge couldn't be taken away from him. Even as Xuan Fang was backing up, Meng Hao suddenly teleported back into the spell formation in the middle of the sun. There, he performed an incantation gesture and pointed out, causing scintillating light to swirl out from the sun.

Shockingly, he had already been fighting with Paragon Xuan Fang for more than ten breaths of time, which meant that the sunlight arrow could once again be unleashed. Rumbling sounds could be heard as intense light shot toward Paragon Xuan Fang. Because of how close he was, that light landed on him almost instantly.

It stabbed into his forehead, causing Xuan Fang to shudder and then cough up a mouthful of blood. His energy waned slightly, and although he wasn’t dead, a grievous wound could be seen on his forehead, which immediately began to heal up.

It only took a moment of analysis on Meng Hao’s part to come to the conclusion that Xuan Fang hadn’t come out unharmed. He was clearly using some sort of secret magic to suppress the harmfulness of the wound. In the future, he might suffer an incredible backlash because of that, but at the moment, his battle prowess was not decreased at all because of the wound.

“Dammit!” thought Meng Hao, his face darkening. At the same time, Xuan Fang gave a sinister laugh and charged toward Meng Hao. As he closed in, he waved his hand, causing a golden sea to spread out in all directions, then bash toward Meng Hao within the spell formation.

“Don’t even mention that quarter hour. You won’t even last long enough to fire another of those light arrows.”

Paragon Sea Dream was outside of the mist, her face pale as she realized that Xuan Fang was completely intent on killing Meng Hao. Even she didn’t believe that Meng Hao could last an entire quarter of an hour against him....

It was actually just as Xuan Fang had said. Meng Hao couldn’t hold out for that long, even if he... sacrificed the 100,000 cultivators to buy time.

“Xuan Fang!” Sea Dream roared, battering anxiously at the mist. At the same time, the divine sense which Meng Hao had sent to drive the Eegoo puppet was slowly fading. The puppet was already becoming sluggish, and it wouldn’t be long before the divine sense completely faded away. Then the puppet... would lose most of its battle prowess, and be left only with its basic instincts.

If that were all there were to it, it might not be a big deal. However, the Outsider army on the other side of the shield was getting stirred up, and was now trying to break through. At the same time, the cultivators of the Mountain and Sea Realm were completely shocked by what was happening with the sun.

Even more relevant was that, in the 6th Heaven outside of the Mountain and Sea Realm, a cold laugh rang out, which belonged to none other than the second Paragon.

If he didn't understand how to take advantage of the opportunity Paragon Xuan Fang had created, then he didn't deserve to be a Paragon himself. As he stepped out from the 6th Heaven into the starry sky, no one could see what he looked like, as he was covered by a rippling field of darkness. He looked coldly out at the Mountain and Sea Realm, and the shield, then at the battlefield that was the sun.

His lips twisted into a cold smile, and a merciless cruelty radiated out from him. He did not speak, but instead raised his right hand and performed an incantation gesture. Instantly, the rippling darkness around him twisted and distorted, then began to expand outward. Clearly, he was using all his power.

The aura of a Paragon erupted out from him as... the land mass that was the 2nd Heaven began to vibrate.

It suddenly began to move, as though some giant, invisible hand had grabbed it, and was sending it... hurtling toward the barrier protecting the Mountain and Sea Realm!

The sight of an entire land mass smashing toward the Mountain and Sea Realm’s shield was something that provoked shock on the part of both the Mountain and Sea Realm cultivators and the Outsiders.

Most nervous of all were the Outsiders from the 2nd Heaven itself. However, they didn’t dare to give voice to such feelings, and could only watch as the land mass, which had already been smashed by the tempest earlier, suddenly began to crush toward the Mountain and Sea Realm’s shield.

It seemed to be moving slowly, but the truth was that the power it contained was enough to shake Heaven and Earth!

As of this moment, the cultivators of the Mountain and Sea Realm were now witnessing... what a Paragon truly was!

A Paragon was a person who could influence the tide of an entire battle. They could use an entire massive land mass like a weapon to unleash unimaginably destructive power. In fact, were it not for certain limitations, a Paragon might even use the starry sky itself in that way.

The land mass that was the 2nd Heaven was the smallest among the five land masses present, but it was still difficult to put into words exactly how large it was. Even the mere pressure exuding from it was enough to shatter the starry sky. Instantly, the Mountain and Sea Realm’s shield began to show signs of buckling.

Ksitigarbha’s face was ashen, but he threw his head back and laughed uproariously. At the same time, he produced a medicinal pill bottle. After a moment of hesitation, he popped the contents into his mouth, and then his cultivation base exploded with power. Blue veins popped out on his face, and a vicious-looking green horn suddenly protruded from the top of his head.

His skin began to change color, turning green, and he grew to a size of 300 meters tall. His Daoist robe was shredded to pieces as his energy rocketed up. As of this moment, his energy was no longer that of a cultivator, but was instead that of... a Demon!

He lifted his right hand and then slapped it down onto the ground, using his life force, using everything he had, to fight against the incoming 2nd Heaven land mass.

The 100,000 cultivators on the moon all smiled bitterly as they also delivered up their life forces, their cultivation bases, their souls, pouring them into the spell formation to assist Ksitigarbha, to assist the Mountain and Sea Realm, to fight back against the enemy!

As of this moment, the sun and the moon were both in situations of deadly crisis. Moments ago, the Mountain and Sea Realm had held the upper hand, but now, it was the opposite. All of that was thanks to... Xuan Fang!!

Of the 33 Heavens’ five Paragons, Xuan Fang's cultivation base was not the highest. However, in this critical moment in the war, the 33 Heavens had sent him, and were clearly intensely confident that under his leadership, the five Heavens’ worth of Outsiders could shake the Mountain and Sea Realm. At the very least... they could easily cause the fighting to last for a year.

Back on the sun, Xuan Fang was laughing. He took a step forward toward Meng Hao, who was still in the spell formation, and said, “There’s no harm in revealing my true plan now. My true goal is not Eegoo, or the sun, and not even you. Instead... it is something I haven’t spared a glance at this entire time... your moon!”

The surrounding cultivators were coughing up blood, and yet none of them abandoned their posts. Just like the cultivators on the moon, they unleashed their cultivation bases and their life forces. Even if they died, they would buy time for Meng Hao.

They would bear the brunt of Xuan Fang’s Paragon power to help Meng Hao.

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