Chapter 1356: Plot To Fragment the Heavens!

Chapter 1356: Plot To Fragment the Heavens!

Massive rumbling could be heard as the light arrow collapsed into pieces. The Paragon’s enormous hand stopped in place, then opened slowly, causing a drop of blood to drop down. That blood drop sizzled, and then exploded into a boundless sea covered with innumerable magical symbols. It descended like a millstone toward the ocean of magic unleashed by the huge army of Mountain and Sea cultivators.

Meng Hao’s pupils constricted in response.

“He definitely deserves to be a Paragon. He clearly has copious experience in battle, and is adept at changing tactics in the middle of fighting. He actually took the drop of blood that resulted from being struck by the light arrow and turned it into a powerful attack....”

There was no time for Meng Hao to stop what was happening. Frowning, he watched as the Paragon's sea of blood shoved down onto the ocean of magic, instantly causing its light to fade wherever they connected.

Simultaneously, the two Imperial Lords also attacked. Rumbling sounds could be heard as, for the first time, the Mountain and Sea Realm’s ocean of magic was suppressed, and began to fade away.

It was also at...

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