Chapter 1354: The 32 Heavens are Coming!

Chapter 1354: The 32 Heavens are Coming!

Ji Tian stood there for a while without responding. Then he sighed, looking around the sepulcher with mixed emotions.

“Ke Yunhai was the hero of an entire generation.... His reincarnation magic worked for Ke Jiusi. But even though I obtained the same magical technique, I couldn’t get it to work right.”

Meng Hao’s mind reeled as he realized why this magical technique seemed so familiar. It was obviously... the same legendary transmigration technique Ke Yunhai had mentioned! [1. You may remember the Daoist magic from the Ancient Demon Immortal Sect that allowed Ke Jiusi to continue to live down until the events of ISSTH. It was mentioned several times throughout that arc, the most relevant reference being in chapter 597]

“Crown Prince, does this explanation of mine meet with your satisfaction?” Ji Tian asked slowly.

Meng Hao waved his hand, causing the dimension they were in to shrink down until it was nothing more than a dot of light in the palm of his hand. Then, he and Ji Tian reappeared back out on the Ninth Mountain.

Ji Tian had made things very simple. He knew that he had offended Meng Hao and the Fang Clan far too deeply. That was in fact why he had connected his life force to the Ninth Mountain’s Xuanwu turtle. Such an act clearly...

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