Chapter 1345: Hexing Magic Essence!


As soon as Meng Hao sensed the World Essence, he began to absorb it. The World Essence around him began to move, and then became visible for all to see.

Countless motes of light, emanating soft glows, floated out from the 1st Heaven and spread out to fill the entire area. From a distance, it was possible to see one hundred thousand of them, forming together into the shape of a lizard.

As for Meng Hao, he was located where that lizard’s heart would be, where the World Essence was most dense!

At this point, the Outsider Dao Sovereign gasped, then cried out, “World Essence!!”

The Outsider Paragon fighting Sea Dream saw the lizard-shaped World Essence, and his eyes filled with grief.

Not all worlds could give birth to World Essence. However, if one did, if that resulting World Essence was given enough time, it could actually become... a real living being!

All of the cultivators and Outsiders could see what was happening, although not everyone understood it.

Of course, thanks to the events which had occurred in the Windswept Realm, the Echelon cultivators...

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