Chapter 1344: Another Encounter With World Essence!


Meng Hao had truly done something that shook Heaven and Earth.... A mighty act!

He could not illuminate every inch of the starry sky of the Mountain and Sea Realm, but he could cause light to shine within the eyes of all cultivators there, to gleam within their hearts and their divine will!

That light was the spirit of the Mountain and Sea Realm, the rise to prominence of an entire people!

He destroyed the 1st Heaven to crush the hearts of the Outsiders, and to give hope to the Mountain and Sea cultivators, to stir their hearts!!

We can do it!

We can still secure victory!!

Rumbling echoed down from above, and at the same time, the cultivators of the Mountain and Sea Realm roared. Their impassioned cries swept out like tempests; not even the sounds of the 1st Heaven’s destruction could drown them out!

“The 1st Heaven... is collapsing!!”

“The 1st Heaven... is no more!!”

“He did it! Meng Hao... actually did it!!” People were shouting and crying, and their tears glistened under the flickering light of the flames overhead; the light their eyes shone with was that of hope, of inspiration, and of determination.

Within the Seventh Mountain and Sea, on Planet Tiger Cage, the cultivators were all trembling with excitement. Their...

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