Chapter 1340: To Exterminate this World!

Chapter 1340: To Exterminate this World!

At the very end of the starry sky, within the 1st Heaven, Meng Hao looked around... at a world that was very different from what he had imagined. He saw mountains and rainbows, plains and oceans.

The spiritual energy here was abundant, ten times more so than in the Mountain and Sea Realm. In fact, there wasn’t just spiritual energy, there was abundant Immortal qi, making the entire place seem like a celestial paradise.

Luxuriant vegetation covered the surface of the land, and a blue sky stretched out in all directions. Cities and other edifices were everywhere, although they floated about in the air instead of being constructed on the ground. Immortal mountains could be seen, as well as waterfalls of stars that seemed to connect Heaven and Earth.

The edifices were all exquisitely constructed, and gargantuan. They were ancient, filled with a boundless sense of time and history. Statues could be seen, and precious materials were available everywhere.

“So, this is the 1st Heaven....” Meng Hao thought, feeling a bit shocked. Suddenly, a cold light flickered in his eyes, and his cultivation base erupted. Fleshly body power surged out, and he began to grow...

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