Chapter 1338: Dao Tribulation Comes!


The dot of light couldn’t illuminate every inch of the starry sky, and yet... as of this moment, it was visible to all cultivators from the First to the Seventh Mountains and Seas!

In the Seventh Mountain and Sea, Planet Tiger Cage was in an uproar. It was the same in the First Mountain and Sea. There, Echelon cultivator Dao-Heaven stood in the midst of his army, looking up at the brilliant dot of light, and was completely shaken, as was everyone around him.

From the First Mountain and Sea all the way to the Seventh, the cultivators were looking up at the brilliant dot of light as, all of a sudden, it erupted with even further brilliance!

Massive rumbling sounds echoed out as the dot swelled in size by double!

It was in that moment that the number of little suns surrounding Meng Hao increased from 4,000 to 8,000!!

8,000 little suns, radiating intense light. Although that light couldn't match the light of a real sun, it was the most dazzling heavenly body visible!

The cultivators were in an uproar, and the Outsiders were shaking inwardly as intense feelings of foreboding rose up inside of them.

The Outsider Dao Sovereign who had split apart into numerous incarnations...

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