Chapter 1337: Destination: First Heaven!

Chapter 1337: Destination: First Heaven!

Meng Hao was a blur that shot from the Fourth Mountain and Sea up into the starry sky, toward the land mass that was the 1st Heaven. Not a single regret could be found in his heart. He was completely determined, maddened, enlivened with the idea of enacting the rise of the Mountain and Sea Realm!

He was attempting to do something that could shake Heaven and Earth!

He was attempting to destroy the 1st Heaven, the home of the invaders. He was attempting to set the blood of the Mountain and Sea Realm aboil. All of the cultivators locked in battle would be able to look up and see... the destruction of the 1st Heaven!

Some people might think that an act like that would have little meaning, and couldn't compare to Meng Hao slaughtering Outsiders on the field of battle using his cultivation base. However, the truth of the matter was that this plan... was utterly and profoundly meaningful.

Currently, the people of the Mountain and Sea Realm were in the midst of despair. After having been suppressed for tens upon tens of thousands of years, they had then been invaded. They had long since lost the dignity they had once had...

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