Chapter 1335: Xu Qing, I'm here!


The Nine Mountains and Seas were shaking. The nine Xuanwu turtles in their celestial ponds were howling, and the will of the Mountains and Seas, which had formerly been spread out in all parts of the Mountain and Sea Realm, was now converging upon Meng Hao!

At the apex of the starry sky were two figures locked in combat. One of them wore white robes, and was none other than Paragon Sea Dream. Her face was ashen, but as she performed her incantation gestures, shocking, explosive power was unleashed upon her opponent, the Outsider, 7-Essences Paragon Eegoo.

Even after all the time that had passed, they were still fighting!

However, as soon as Meng Hao’s entered the true fleshly body Dao Sovereign level, Sea Dream’s eyes began to shine with a strange light. As for Paragon Eegoo, his face completely fell.

“This is impossible!! Ksitigarbha was able to break through because of his mastery over reincarnation. But Meng Hao, he.... Dammit! He’s Nine Seals’ successor! The future Lord of the Mountains and Seas!!”

“Oh, you didn't know?” Sea Dream said coolly, preventing the Outsider Paragon from breaking free of combat.

At the same time, back in the Fourth...

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