Chapter 1334: Dao Sovereign!

Chapter 1334: Dao Sovereign!

Lord Cang could sense the pressure radiating off of Meng Hao. This was also the first time he had ever seen this Outsider Dao Sovereign clone act in such a way. Therefore, he immediately joined him in the attack.

His heart was thumping; he knew that he couldn’t afford to underestimate Meng Hao, who left him in complete fear and trepidation.

Without the slightest hesitation, he performed an incantation gesture, causing Essence power to erupt out. All five of his Essences were unleashed, the most powerful being the last, the Essence of light!

What was drawn upon was not the brightness of light, but rather, the speed of light! As the Lord of the Sixth Mountain and Sea, what he had always excelled in was speed!

He closed in rapidly, waving his hand, causing his Essences to transform into divine abilities. Colors flashed in the sky, the stars trembled, and an enormous Essence hand appeared, which grabbed at Meng Hao.

Both he and the Outsider were holding nothing back in their attack upon Meng Hao. They even used magical items. As for the Outsider...

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