Chapter 1332: Extinguishing the Sixth Lamp!

Chapter 1332: Extinguishing the Sixth Lamp!

Meng Hao’s voice echoed out into the crumbling remains of the dimension. Because the region that held the eighth star had collapsed, the entire world was falling to pieces.

The land sank in, and an enraged roar filled the air. Lightning continued to crash constantly, as if the end of days had arrived.

As for Meng Hao, he floated there slowly in the air, neither touching the land nor rising high up into the sky. His hair floated around him, and his clothes rippled. At the same time, a bizarre light shone within his eyes.

“It’s time to converge... the qi and blood that I built up when extinguishing my Soul Lamps!” He swished his sleeve, then tapped his right index finger onto his chest.

That motion seemed to open up a stoppered hole of qi and blood inside of him. Rumbling echoed out, along with a furious sea of qi and blood power that exploded out ferociously.

His physical frame, which was now hundreds of meters tall, looked even more majestic than before. At the same time, his fleshly body power rose rapidly. Although it didn't experience the same increase it had when absorbing God blood, it was still incredibly powerful.

His heart began to beat faster and faster. His bones became stronger and more resilient. His flesh and blood buzzed with power, and increasingly intense rumbling sounds filled him.

As of this moment, the level of his fleshly body increased yet again, passing into the mid 5-Essences level.

Meng Hao’s eyes flickered as he lifted up his right hand again, this time pressing down onto his forehead. Rumbling could be heard as the second wave of qi and blood hidden within him burst out, filling him completely and causing his fleshly body power to rocket up.

“Still not enough!” He performed an incantation gesture with his right hand and then pressed down onto his dantian. Qi and blood power erupted out, surging through him. He grew larger and larger; by now, he was nearly 1,800 meters tall, and was terrifying to behold.

By now, his fleshly body was in the late 5-Essences level.

“I still have two batches of reserve power to unleash,” he said, eyes shining brightly. He had qi and blood built up from five extinguished Soul Lamps, and so far, had unleashed three of those batches. Now, it was without any hesitation that he performed an incantation gesture and pushed down on the top of his head.

Rumbling sounds echoed out, and Meng Hao’s vision swam. At the same time, an incredible power of qi and blood exploded from the top of his head. As it filled his body, he threw his head back and howled. He grew taller, reaching 2,100 meters in height. He was trembling, his flesh and blood felt as if it would split apart, and his heart seemed to be on the verge of exploding.

Heaven and Earth twisted, and the air around him trembled as a violent aura expanded out.

As of this moment, Meng Hao’s fleshly body strength was equivalent to the peak of the 5-Essences level. He was only a step away... from being at the 6-Essences Dao Sovereign level!

Once that happened, and he combined his fleshly body power with that of his cultivation base, his explosive battle prowess would put him at the peak of the Dao Sovereign level. Although he couldn't be considered half a step into the Paragon level, he would be very close to that!

“Last one!” he roared. Performing a double-handed incantation gesture, he simultaneously pushed down onto his chest and dantian. All of his power was unleashed, and it surged through him like an ocean.

He was now 2,400 meters tall. At the same time, his skin ripped and tore, causing blood to shower down. Pain blasted through him, and were it not for his incredible willpower, he would definitely be unable to endure.

He let out an intense howl as he reached 2,700 meters in height. The sensation of power that completely filled him left Meng Hao convinced that if he faced Lord White right now... he could defeat him with a single punch!

One punch could shake the starry sky. One punch could shatter heavenly bodies. One punch... could kill Mountain and Sea Lords!

Heaven and Earth were filled with rumbling sounds, and the dimension shook violently. Meng Hao could now sense... a Dao!!

It was the Dao of power, a Dao of Heaven and Earth, something that he could just barely touch....

However, he was still in the 5-Essences level. He was able to sense that his fleshly body was still not in the 6-Essences level. Were it in the 6-Essences level, he wouldn't just be touching that Dao, he would be holding it in the palm of his hand!

Only with power like that could he stand in the presence of a 7-Essences Paragon and be qualified to remain alive. In fact, he might even be able to strike fear into the heart of such a Paragon!

“I can’t believe a 6-Essences fleshly body is so difficult to attain.... However, the words already left my mouth. I'm definitely going to acquire a peak Dao Sovereign fleshly body!”


As the qi and blood power coursed through him, Meng Hao’s body experienced continuous growth. By this point, he was fully... 2,997 meters tall!

It was a gap of only three meters, but that gap was like the difference between Heaven and Earth. That small gap of three meters would be as difficult to cross as the preceding 2,997 meters! [1. 2997 meters is 999 zhang. The final gap is only 1 zhang]

“Ancient Lamps, come forth!!” Meng Hao eyes shone with a gleam of madness as he waved his sleeve, causing the air around him to vibrate as 33 Soul Lamps suddenly appeared.

5 were extinguished, 28 were burning. The light cast upon Meng Hao made him look like an Immortal Divinity. He swished his sleeve, eyes coming to rest on the 6th of the Soul Lamps.

“I’ve already passed the First of the Seven Desolations. Next is the Second Desolation, that of the fleshly body. I should be at the point of being able to extinguish this 6th lamp!” Eyes gleaming with determination, and not hesitating for even a moment, he waved his hand toward the 6th Soul Lamp.


His divine will erupted, and rumbling sounds could be heard as the 6th Soul Lamp went out. Instantly, vast quantities of green smoke appeared, which Meng Hao instantly absorbed.

In the moment that the smoke entered his body, he began to shake. He suddenly felt as if his body were corroding. However, the intense withering sensation caused Meng Hao to smile.

There was pain, but he had experienced worse pain than this in the past.

Usually, the Seven Desolations were something that would be passed with extreme caution in secluded meditation, with a Dharma Protector on the outside. However, as he experienced the twinge of pain, Meng Hao became quite confident in being able to breeze through the first tribulation within the Second Desolation.

His fleshly body was so incredibly powerful that the Fleshly Body Desolation couldn’t shake it at all. His body continued to corrode, and his marrow vanished. It was as if there were a black hole inside of him sucking away at him, causing him to constantly wither.

However, the withering didn’t bother him at all.

By this point, the dimension around him was crumbling completely. The lands were shattered, Heaven and Earth destroyed. The Vale of the Godgrave was falling apart. Meng Hao took a deep breath; the withering of his flesh could do absolutely nothing to harm the power of his cultivation base and fleshly body. He reached his right hand out and made a grasping motion, grabbing onto Yuwen Jian. Then, he flickered into motion, crossing through the air to suddenly appear outside the Vale of the Godgrave, in the starry sky of the Seventh Mountain and Sea.

Almost as soon as he appeared outside, the power of tribulation rumbled down, which was none other than the fleshly body Dao Tribulation that came when one’s fleshly body stepped into the Dao!

However, there was something strange about the tribulation. Because of the war between the Mountain and Sea Realm and the 1st Heaven, or perhaps because of the mere presence of the 1st Heaven, the Dao Realm Tribulation didn't come!

Meng Hao frowned, pondered the situation for a moment, but then put the matter aside. Because of his current fleshly body, transcending tribulation wouldn’t be difficult for him anyway, not even with the Second Desolation inside of him.

Behind him, the altar that was the entrance to the Vale of the Godgrave cracked and then fell apart. The dimension which contained the Vale transformed into nothing more than ash.

Yuwen Jian was unconscious, but he pulsed with the aura of God blood. Even more noteworthy was that his index finger was now different than it had been before, and contained terrifying fluctuations.

“So that is the good fortune he sought,” Meng Hao thought. Looking away, he flicked his sleeve, vanishing along with Yuwen Jian. When he reappeared, he was back on Planet Tiger Cage. After delivering Yuwen Jian to the cultivators there, he left. With a final glance at the planet, he flashed out into the starry sky.

He could clearly sense the terrifying fleshly body power inside of him, which vastly exceeded what he could unleash before. As he traveled along through the starry sky, he clenched his hands into fists, and everything around him trembled as powerful ripples spread out.

“The Desolation will continue for a bit longer... then it will end.” Based on Meng Hao's current trajectory, it was obvious that his destination was the Fourth Mountain and Sea.

He had a burning desire to see Xu Qing. After he did, he would then attempt to accomplish something that would rock the Mountain and Sea Realm, as well as all of the 33 Heavens!

If he succeeded, the spirit of the Mountain and Sea Realm would rise, and his name would spread throughout the 33 Heavens. Then, everyone would know that in the Mountain and Sea Realm, there was a cultivator named... Meng Hao!

He looked up into the starry sky, then proceeded along, a beam of brilliant light that shot off into the distance. Soon, he was closing in on the barrier that separated the Seventh and Sixth Mountains and Seas. To Meng Hao, that barrier wasn’t even worth mentioning. He pierced through, almost immediately finding an exit, which he blasted through to enter the Sixth Mountain and Sea.

This was his first time in the Sixth Mountain and Sea, and although he was not familiar with the place, there was definitely an aura here that was very familiar. That was... the aura of Outsiders!

Similar to the Seventh Mountain and Sea, the Sixth Mountain and Sea had been almost fully occupied by the Outsiders.

As he entered this Mountain and Sea, Meng Hao’s body withered up even more, and he looked even more gaunt. However, his battle prowess was no less than before, and in fact, was increasing. The end of the Desolation was approaching!

When that happened, his fleshly body power would erupt, and he would fully enter the Dao Sovereign fleshly body level!

By now, he wasn’t even paying attention to the Desolation. He sent his divine sense out into the starry sky, and could almost immediately detect countless black cubes. There was still fighting going on here, most especially in one particular region, where a truly bizarre conflict was underway.

There could be seen a middle-aged man in a long violet robe. A shield of red light swirled around him, and his eyes were closed. His face was pale, as if he had been seriously injured, and he sat there cross-legged and completely motionless.

Outside of the shield which protected him was an Outsider, who was currently attempting to break down the shield. Assisting the Outsider was an old man. The old man’s expression was tranquil, but when he looked at the other man inside the shield, his eyes flickered with avarice.

Meng Hao recognized this Outsider. It was one of the incarnations of that Outsider Dao Sovereign!

And this version was clearly a clone!

As for the old man assisting him, he was emanating a remnant of the power of the Mountains and Seas, ensuring that Meng Hao could instantly identify him.

This man was a traitor, just like Lord White had been. He was... the Lord of the Sixth Mountain and Sea!

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