Chapter 1332: Extinguishing the Sixth Lamp!

Chapter 1332: Extinguishing the Sixth Lamp!

Meng Hao’s voice echoed out into the crumbling remains of the dimension. Because the region that held the eighth star had collapsed, the entire world was falling to pieces.

The land sank in, and an enraged roar filled the air. Lightning continued to crash constantly, as if the end of days had arrived.

As for Meng Hao, he floated there slowly in the air, neither touching the land nor rising high up into the sky. His hair floated around him, and his clothes rippled. At the same time, a bizarre light shone within his eyes.

“It’s time to converge... the qi and blood that I built up when extinguishing my Soul Lamps!” He swished his sleeve, then tapped his right index finger onto his chest.

That motion seemed to open up a stoppered hole of qi and blood inside of him. Rumbling echoed out, along with a furious sea of qi and blood power that exploded out ferociously.

His physical frame, which was now hundreds of meters tall, looked even more majestic than before. At the same time, his fleshly body power rose rapidly. Although it didn't experience the same increase it had when absorbing God blood, it was still incredibly powerful.

His heart began to beat faster...

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