Chapter 1329: Breakthrough!

Chapter 1329: Breakthrough!

From such an incredibly high position, Meng Hao could now look down and see the Outsiders. There were three 5-Essences experts among them, surrounded by hosts of other Outsiders. Furthermore, they were not milling about chaotically, but rather, had gathered in three specific areas.

By chance, those three areas happened to be locations on the head of the God, where the stars existed!

Meng Hao spotted Yuwen Jian in another part of the Vale of the Godgrave, trudging along toward a lightning-filled area, where something like a corpse could be seen.

That corpse was profoundly ancient, and if one looked closely enough, one would see that it was actually... the finger of a God!

Perhaps that was the location of Yuwen Jian’s good fortune.

Meng Hao looked away from all of that for a moment. Everything he had seen in this dimension left him profoundly shaken.

This world, this Vale of the Godgrave, was actually a head! The head of a God!

Despite only being the head, Meng Hao could tell that it was even larger than the corpse he had encountered back in the Ruins of Immortality in...

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