Chapter 1327: Nothing More Than a Demonic Beast!

Chapter 1327: Nothing More Than a Demonic Beast!

“Trying to seduce me... into being a turncoat?” Meng Hao asked coolly. His expression was calm, but a flicker of derision could be seen in his eyes. “You don’t qualify to try something like that.”

Only an Outsider who was out of the loop would talk to Meng Hao in such a way. If this person had been Paragon Eegoo, who was aware of who exactly Meng Hao was, he would never have uttered such words.

Back in the days of the Paragon Immortal Realm, even when the entire world had crumbled into pieces, its people, despite being broken and dying in the Mountain and Sea Realm, refused to bow their heads in compliance to the 33 Heavens. If that was the case back then, how much more so would it be the case now, when the Mountain and Sea Realm had grown strong, and was...

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