Chapter 1326: Entering the Vale of the Godgrave!

Chapter 1326: Entering the Vale of the Godgrave!

“Brother Meng, I’d like to request... that you let me go with you into the Vale of the Godgrave!

“Don’t let me be a burden; you can even ignore me. I only request... that you get me inside. Once there, we can part ways, and I’ll go off on my own to search for my good fortune!

“This is my choice, so whether I live or die has nothing to do with you, Brother Meng. I won’t infect your Karma. I, Yuwen Jian... just want a chance to search for my path of good fortune!

“If I live, fine. If I die, fine.... I was born in the Mountain and Sea Realm, and I grew up in it. I’ll give my blood, my cultivation, everything about me... to repay that debt!” Yuwen Jian’s bitter smile was tinged with madness. The things he had seen and experienced recently in the Seventh Mountain and Sea were hundreds of times more tragic than what Meng Hao had seen so far.

He had witnessed three planets destroyed, and had watched as innumerable lives were ended. He saw one sect after another exterminated, wiped out by the Outsiders.

He had even seen people being eaten...

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