Chapter 1325: Meng Hao’s Heart....

Chapter 1325: Meng Hao’s Heart....

Meng Hao was quite shaken. Even after leaving Planet South Heaven and traversing the Mountain and Sea Realm, he had never forgotten the kindness Choumen Tai had shown in blessing him with good fortune, nor the agreement they reached regarding Planet Tiger Cage.

He had always planned to return Choumen Tai’s legacy to Planet Tiger Cage. However, he could never have imagined that the so-called legacy was actually a sham. It had all been a ruse.

Meng Hao hovered there silently. He could accept being swindled, but he couldn’t accept the existence of a spell formation like this, not if there was even a chance that it could harm the Mountain and Sea Realm. He was responsible for the Mountains and Seas, and had already borne witness to the tragedy of war. Furthermore, that warfare had already changed him.

He had grown up.

Therefore, his first reaction upon seeing this spell formation was not to be concerned about the Karma he would sow if he broke his oath and destroyed it.

However... at the same time, Choumen Tai's words had moved him. In fact, his mind was spinning, and his eyes glowed with bright light.

“I, Choumen Tai, swear an oath upon my soul that if anything...

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