Chapter 1324: The Agreement of Planet Tiger Cage!

Chapter 1324: The Agreement of Planet Tiger Cage!

Back in the Seventh Mountain and Sea, the previously listless eyes of the cultivators began to flicker with light as passion stirred in their hearts.

They suddenly recalled the image of Meng Hao slaying the Outsiders with one blow; couple that sight with what he had told them just now, and a certain title began to ring out in their minds and hearts.

Dao Sovereign!!

What Meng Hao had done, and what he had said, made it clear to these cultivators exactly how strong he was in battle. Battle prowess like that would be vitally important in the Mountain and Sea Realm’s war.

There were too many things that these cultivators didn’t understand, and the terrifying power of the 33 Heavens was something they didn’t even want to think about. They were in such despair that they would cling desperately to even the slightest scrap of hope.

As of this moment, hope was now kindling in their eyes. To them, a cultivator like Meng Hao represented the absolute pinnacle of the Mountain and Sea Realm, and if he said that he hadn't lost hope or faith, then they believed him!

“It is we of the Mountain and Sea Realm who called for this war,” Meng Hao continued. “Therefore, this... is not a war being waged upon us by the 33 Heavens. No, this is us... waging war on the 33 Heavens!

“We will break open those 33 Heavens so that the cultivators...

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