Chapter 1313: If You Dare Kill Him, The War Starts!


Meng Hao looked at the multiple versions of Lord White, his eyes flickering with scintillating light.

“Can’t be killed and won’t die. Is that because of your life force?” Meng Hao suddenly waved his hand, summoning the copper mirror once again. This time, however, he didn't form it into the Battle Weapon, but instead reached his left hand deep into the mirror itself!

The copper mirror was like a black hole that completely swallowed up his hand. At the same time, the mirror trembled, as if some enormous power was stirring within. Roars and howls echoed out, the mere sound of which caused the faces of the numerous versions of Lord White to flicker. Furthermore, the area which had previously been cut off from the Mountain and Sea Realm by Lord White was now showing signs of collapsing.

“Demon Weapon Lonelytomb...” Meng Hao said softly, eyes shining, “the time has finally come for you to truly appear in the world!” Based on the level of his current cultivation base, he was able to sense that... he could at long last completely and fully pull out the fragment of the mirror he had acquired in the Ancient Demon Immortal Sect, as well as that which was inside of it, Demon...

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