Chapter 1305: Legacy Door!

Chapter 1305: Legacy Door!

Meng Hao sighed at the sight of the blustering Patriarch Reliance, and suddenly felt a headache coming on. “I never smacked you on the head when you were little, did I?”

Unfortunately, Meng Hao’s words only served to rile up Patriarch Reliance even more. His eyes turned bright red as he apparently remembered something, whereupon he roared, “Meng Hao you little bastard, I'm going to end things between us right now! Take THIS!”

Howling, energy surging, Patriarch Reliance began to move his relatively stumpy legs in a special pattern. His eyes began to glow brightly as, unexpectedly, his qi and blood began to flow in a unique way, as if he really were going to go all-out in a fight to the death.

However, what actually happened was that an enormous teleportation portal popped into existence around him. In the blink of an eye, it activated, teleporting Patriarch Reliance away.

Even as he vanished, his smug laughter echoed out, along with the following words: “The Patriarch is out! Don’t bother to come looking for me ever again, I’m sick of you!”

Meng Hao could only imagine how pleased Patriarch Reliance must be with himself at the moment. A strange...

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