Chapter 1296: THAT Spear!

Chapter 1296: THAT Spear!

“Is that the Mountain and Sea Lord, Heavengod?”

“That’s definitely him. Only Heavengod would have the energy to sweep across the Eighth Mountain and Sea like that!” All of the cultivators from the Eighth Mountain and Sea were getting very excited.

Moments before, the feeling of being suppressed by the Lord of the Seventh Mountain and Sea had overwhelmed them, but now that feeling was gone. However, despite all of the excitement, the Chief Dharma Protector of the Heavengod Society, as well as the other Dao Lords in the Eighth Mountain and Sea, were all completely shaken. Looks of bewilderment could be seen on their faces as they looked out into the starry sky at the source of the ripples that everyone else assumed to be coming from their Mountain and Sea Lord.

“That’s not... the exalted Heavengod....” thought the Chief Dharma Protector, his heart trembling. He could sense that Heavengod was currently on the Eighth Mountain, and was still slumbering. In fact, all of the other Dao Lords of the Eighth Mountain and Sea all had similar sensations.

“If he’s not the exalted Heavengod, then... who is he...?” That was the question running through the minds of the Chief...

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