Chapter 1294: I'm Waiting For You!

Chapter 1294: I'm Waiting For You!

As soon as the red-haired old man’s gaze met Meng Hao's, the man’s mind reeled, and an intense sensation of deadly crisis exploded up inside of him, as though a voice was screaming inside of him.

The sensation of crisis caused the old man to begin to tremble. He felt almost as if he were facing the Lord of the Seventh Mountain and Sea. Although he seemed calm, beneath the surface, he was terrified.

The red-haired old man’s dual pupils constricted, and he immediately waved his hand dismissively.

“Withdraw!” he said.

That single word caused all of the cultivators from the Seventh Mountain and Sea to be filled with shock. They began to back up, opening up a path in front of Meng Hao.

The old man frowned, then barked, “I said to withdraw!”

His voice echoed out like thunder into the ears of the hundreds of thousands of cultivators, whose minds spun. Almost immediately, they began to scatter away from the region of the rift.

The other three Dao Realm experts frowned in response to the red-haired old man’s words.

“Patriarch Chi, this isn’t very appropriate,” said the almighty Dao Lord.

“Shut your mouth!” the old man roared. “I don’t need you...

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