Chapter 1283: Marquis Lu!

Chapter 1283: Marquis Lu!

The young man in the emerald-green robe sat atop a huge spider, which could apparently understand the words he spoke. As soon as the words left his mouth, it roared, and a rapacious gleam appeared in its eyes.

The other two spiders also roared, which caused the energy of the entire group to surge.

Not too far off, the fleeing Han Clan cultivators heard the three roars, and their faces fell. There were even some faces which were filled with complete and utter hopelessness.

One of the two old Dao Realm cultivators next to Han Qinglei anxiously said, “Qinglei, are you sure about what you said? I must know! If you’re wrong, then we’re dead for sure. The Han Clan... will truly be exterminated!”

“The Meng Clan is our only hope,” Han Qinglei said through gritted teeth. “Once we get there, we’ll be safe!” After the invasion of the Seventh Mountain and Sea, it didn't take long before nearly everyone in the Eighth Mountain and Sea learned that the Meng Clan was not fighting in the war.

Also, the armies of the Seventh Mountain and Sea wouldn't even set foot into the area controlled by the Meng Clan. Most of the sects and...

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