Chapter 1278: Essence of Reality!

Chapter 1278: Essence of Reality!

The boy’s first four Essences were extraordinary to begin with. His Essence of plants and vegetation was not common, and his Essence of rain was unexpectedly black, indicating that it contained poison. Those two Essences alone were rare.

From the nature of these Essences, it could be imagined that just with these four the boy would occupy a position at the pinnacle of 4-Essences Dao Sovereigns. This was without even mentioning his fifth Essence, the Essence of...


That fifth Essence was able to thoroughly transform his other four Essences, immediately conjuring forth from them a power that could shake Heaven and Earth. Currently, rumbling sounds were echoing out, and the starry sky was vibrating. A boundless cultivation base power was now erupting out from the Essence world that the boy had summoned.

“In the entire Mountain and Sea Realm,” the boy said, “there are only four cultivators who are 6-Essences Dao Sovereigns!

“The most powerful is Ksitigarbha of the Fourth Mountain and Sea, who is at the peak of six Essences. Rumor has it that he’s less than half a step away from becoming a 7-Essences Paragon. As for the other three people, they are the three great Doyens who...

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