Chapter 1269: Shocking Tribulation!

Chapter 1269: Shocking Tribulation!

Ripples spread out in the starry sky, sweeping about, instantly covering the entire area surrounding Meng Hao.

Those ripples contained layers of Dao, and as they spread out, anyone who heard them felt as if they were listening to countless living beings whispering in their ears.

The five Meng Clan Patriarchs’ faces flickered as they looked up into the starry sky at... the origin of all of the ripples.

As of this moment, the starry sky was completely quiet, as was the Meng Clan with its central continent and nine auxiliary continents. The only thing which could be heard was the increasingly anxious panting of the audience.

The members of the nine bloodlines, regardless of the level of their cultivation base, could sense the ripples spreading out over the lands, and the indescribable pressure radiating down from the starry sky.


The lands began to tremble, breaking the silence as mountains crumbled and rivers suddenly went still.

Every face in the Meng Clan flickered, and their minds filled with roaring sounds.


“What happened?”

“What’s going...

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