Chapter 1266: Not Strong Enough

Chapter 1266: Not Strong Enough

“Kill them!” Grandma Meng said calmly. The instant her voice rang out, Meng Hao's two granduncles transformed into beams of light that shot toward the old man outside the hall. Meng Hao's uncles and aunts also unleashed their cultivation bases as they charged forward.

The old man’s face flickered, and the other members of the seventh bloodline roared and attacked. Instantly, shocking and fierce fighting broke out.

The wave of Grandma Meng’s hand caused a roaring to fill the air that sounded like it came from the mouth of an enormous giant. Under her control, the Meng Clan’s grand protective spell formation became numerous beams of light that shot through the air toward the cultivators of the seventh bloodline.

Miserable screams rang out; although the spell formation wouldn’t kill members of the Meng Clan, the cultivators of the seventh bloodline who were hit by the beams of light experienced an instant drop in cultivation base.

In the end, the protective spell formation became boundless light that covered the entire seventh bloodline.

It didn't matter how many of them there were, they were incapable of fighting back. The miserable screams continue to ring out, and...

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