Chapter 1261: One Option... Amputate!

Chapter 1261: One Option... Amputate!

Meng Hao’s eyes were as cold as ice, but inwardly he was sighing. For a clan to decline in power was acceptable, but for the morals of its people to degenerate was sickening. Leaving them alive... was truly pointless.

By means of illustration, you could say that his grandfather’s bloodline had fallen into dire straits and was now at a point of extreme weakness, consisting of the elderly, the frail, the ill, and the crippled. The younger generation was forced into servitude, and the older generation was sick and decrepit. However, its soul was still present, and the heart was strong. They still stuck together like a family, and as such, would one day be able to rise to prominence again.

It was possible to sense that spirit within Meng Ru, Meng Chen, and the other two young women from just now. They all clung stubbornly to their hope for the future.

However, when it came to the rest of the so-called Meng Clan, Meng Hao felt quite disappointed.

“Even scum like these can be called Young Lords?” Meng Hao shook his head. During his entire life, starting in the Ninth Mountain...

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