Chapter 1259: Imposing Grandma Meng!

Chapter 1259: Imposing Grandma Meng!

The old man’s voice rang out in all directions and yet no response could be heard, causing him to frown. He sent his divine sense out, and when it reached the Xu Clan ancestral mansion at the center of the continent, a tremor ran through him, and he gasped, an expression of intense disbelief filling his face.

“This....” He immediately shot off through the air. Behind him, the other members of the Meng Clan slowly began to reveal their own shock as the Ancient Realm cultivators sent their divine sense out and realized what had happened.

Dozens of them shot through the air toward the Xu Clan, where the old man in the leadership position was hovering in midair above the ancestral mansion, looking down at the enormous palm print, and the ruins that filled it. After a moment, he closed his eyes as he focused on sensing the area. Then his eyes snapped open.

“The aura of Dao Tribulation appeared here.... But I didn't sense any tribulation earlier. That indicates... that the tribulation vanished before it even started. It also means that Xu Yushan was killed before...

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