Chapter 1253: This is the Meng Clan!

Chapter 1253: This is the Meng Clan!

Before charging into the ship, Meng De really didn't have much of a notion as to who Meng Chen was at all. The main thing he remembered was that, of all the clan members who had entered the 33 Hells, he had been the only one to come out alive.

He had also offered up an ancient magical item which had pleased Meng De quite a bit. Because of that, Meng Chen did stick out slightly within his memories.

But now, he was filled with an intense hope that nothing had happened to Meng Chen. He didn’t want to be the only living person left on the ship. When he thought about the deadly ordeal he had just been through, he was left trembling. He might be an idiot, but he wasn’t so stupid that he was beyond redemption. Despite being a silkpants, he was still able to think for himself.

As a cultivator, he was merely average, but because of the prestige of his bloodline, he had become a Young Lord. However, even that hadn’t been his choice; he had been given no options in the matter.

Right now, he wasn’t thinking about his status at all. When people have brushes with death, status is usually the last thing they...

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