Chapter 1252: Attack!

Chapter 1252: Attack!

Meng Hao remained seated in his cabin, watching what was happening through narrowed eyes. Frowning, he turned his attention to the man in the mask.

“Well now, how much do we want to bet that this guy has Meng De’s face?” he murmured.

In almost exactly the same moment, the man with the mask of eyes slowly reached up and removed his mask. Just as Meng Hao guessed, his face... down to the tiniest detail, looked exactly like... Meng De’s!

They were exactly the same!!

Meng De’s eyes went wide, and he stopped in place, pointing a quivering finger at the black-robed man. His expression was one of intense fear, and then he began to laugh bitterly with the realization that he was going to die!

“Kill him,” said the man with Meng De’s face, his voice cool. “Clean everything up. We’re going... back to the Meng Clan.” Even the man’s voice sounded exactly like Meng De's.

As the words left his mouth, one of the other cultivators who had changed his appearance to look like one of Meng De’s retinue smiled and reached out to end Meng De’s life.

However, it was in that very moment that a sigh rang out, filling the starry sky. The man with...

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