Chapter 1249: I’m Meng Chen!

Chapter 1249: I’m Meng Chen!

Outside the exit, the starry sky was pitch black and stretched out in all directions. When Meng Hao emerged, he could see the other brightly shining rifts, out of which other cultivators were emerging.

Quite a number of cultivators of the Heavengod Alliance had entered the 33 Hells. Of the few remaining who were emerging now, some looked alarmed, whereas others looked delighted. Obviously, those were the people who had acquired something valuable inside. As for those cultivators, their fellow sect members quickly converged around them and escorted them away.

Other people didn’t look very happy about that, but after considering the matter, decided not to fight over the spoils.

Meng Hao mixed in with the crowds as they left the area of the 33 Hells, eavesdropping on their conversations as he did.

“It’s shut now, so the initial opening is over. The next time they open, more of the grave sites will be available....”

“The 33 Hells will open three times in a row, and the period between the openings isn’t that long.... Soon it will be time for the second opening, and in the end... the third!”

“I can’t...

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