Chapter 1246: Cleanly and Thoroughly!

Chapter 1246: Cleanly and Thoroughly!

Greed wanted to weep, but had no tears to shed. He felt embarrassed, even humiliated.... And yet that humiliation soon turned to indignation as he saw Meng Hao’s delighted gaze shift from the Lightning Cauldron to... the shield and the little bell.

“Those are mine!!” Greed roared, his eyes wide. However, the sound of his voice couldn't leave that blue sun. Even if he roared louder, the only thing anyone might be able to see was the blue glow of the sun intensifying a bit.

Meng Hao stared fixedly at the little shield, then took a deep breath. For some reason, he had the feeling that he... could control it.

Heart thumping, he sent out some divine will, and the shield twitched. A moment later, it appeared directly in front of him, radiating a scintillating light. Meng Hao gazed at the shield, contemplating how easy it had been to control it, almost as if it were connected to him. It made him realize that the result of consuming Greed’s life force Essence wasn’t simply a matter of completing his fourth Nirvana Fruit.

He could sense that his control...

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