Chapter 1235: Counter-Attack!

Chapter 1235: Counter-Attack!

Meng Hao suddenly looked at the air behind him, frowned, and then looked down at the ground. He didn’t know it, but those eyes beneath the surface were actually staring directly into his, although Meng Hao sensed nothing out of the ordinary.

However, he couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching him.

He continued to ponder the strangeness of this place as he then looked back at Xuan Daozi and Hong Chen, surrounded by wave after wave of enemies. Then he continued cultivating to recover from his wounds.

Behind him in the ground, the eyes narrowed.

“How shockingly perceptive.... A body like this is perfectly suited for me. If I can possess it, then... I can finally get out of this damned place!!”

Time passed. Meng Hao’s injuries continued to heal, and he was actually already half recovered. Booms rang out from the direction of Xuan Daozi and Hong Chen as more and more shades besieged them. Unexpectedly, some of those shades even emanated the ripples of the Dao Realm, indicated that they had been Dao Realm experts when they were alive.

Their Essence power had gradually faded, but their instincts remained, and due to...

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