Chapter 1226: The Something-something Seal the Heavens Incantation

Chapter 1226: The Something-something Seal the Heavens Incantation

In the middle of this intense standoff, the Daoist priest threw his head back and proudly brushed his sleeve.

“Disciples of the Righteous Noble Sect, hear my command!” he said in a loud voice. “Escort your Elder Uncle back to the sect!”

The disciples of the Righteous Noble Sect were shaking in their boots. They looked up at the forces arrayed against them in the sky, then back at Meng Hao and the Daoist priest, bitter smiles on their faces. After a moment of hesitation, they sighed, clasped hands to Meng Hao, and then turned to leave.

The other cultivators present, as well as the force in the starry sky, looked on as Meng Hao and the Righteous Noble Sect made their way off. The Daoist priest looked extremely pleased with himself as he quickly caught up with Meng Hao and then walked along at his side, laughing heartily.

“The Righteous Haowie. Well, what do you think? Should we switch to another Daoist name?”

Meng Hao hesitated, looking first at the Daoist priest and then all of the disciples of the Righteous Noble Sect. Finally, he sighed.

“Uh... we don't need to switch.”

“Alright, then it's settled!” The Daoist priest slapped Meng Hao on the shoulder.

“Senior....” Before Meng Hao could say anything else, the Daoist priest glared at him angrily. Meng Hao...

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