Chapter 1219: Planet Blacksoul, Crumble!

Chapter 1219: Planet Blacksoul, Crumble!

In almost the exact same moment that Patriarch Blacksoul’s face fell, Meng Hao lifted his right hand. A strange gleam flickered in his eyes as he pointed up toward the Heavens.

“Paragon... Bridge!” he said softly. Rumbling sounds could be heard coming from inside Meng Hao himself, and suddenly, everyone could see something inside his body. Not even his clothing could cover up the bright arc of light that stretched from the top of his head all the way to his dantian region and formed... a bridge!

A spectacular bridge hidden inside his body, almost like a qi meridian. Then... the bridge materialized up in the sky....

The Paragon Bridge!


Massive rumbling could be heard as the sky collapsed, the space it had occupied now completely filled by the Paragon Bridge. It radiated awe-inspiring might, and a dazzling glow. The countless magical symbols which covered its surface glittered, and the bridge was so large that anyone who saw it couldn’t help but stare with wide eyes.

“What magic is this...?” The fleeing disciples of the Blacksoul Society...

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