Chapter 1216: Fledgling Mountains and Seas!!

Chapter 1216: Fledgling Mountains and Seas!!

The smoke-face’s eyes widened slightly, and then gleamed as it broke into a grin. Voice cold, it said, “So, you’re here for that after all!”

As its voice echoed out, it did nothing to stop Meng Hao, but instead allowed his enormous hand to sail directly toward the incense burner at the base of the black cliff.

Meng Hao’s heart sank, and he sighed inwardly. His opponent was a 3-Essences Dao Lord, so not only was his cultivation base powerful, he was surely profoundly wise and cunning. Meng Hao knew his plan had been slightly careless, so it was no surprise that the man noticed.

However, it also made things slightly more complicated.

“So you knew,” he said, eyes flickering. “Why does that matter?!” Even if the man had picked up on the clues, that wouldn’t make Meng Hao to give up on trying to snatch the incense burner. He gave a cold harrumph as the hand smashed through the air, causing rumbling sounds and even distorting the air until it was blurry.

Just when the hand was about to grab the incense burner, an invisible shield flickered...

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