Chapter 1210: Using Karma to Track the Soul



Wang Tengfei’s eyes were crimson as he launched a full-force attack, which slammed into Meng Hao, causing blood to spray out of his mouth. Despite the fact that Wang Tengfei was likewise hit with a backlash attack, he didn’t seem to care. Roaring, he flew back to attack again.

“So you also know mountains have no worries, 'til struck by snowy flurries; waters feel no woe, 'til the winds gust and blow!!” The stabbing pain Wang Tengfei felt in his heart was not any less than Meng Hao's.

He had loved Chu Yuyan from the very beginning, and that had never changed. However... he had been too proud. Back in the early days, his pride had allowed him to turn a blind eye to her. He thought that if he could just defeat Meng Hao, if he could somehow get stronger and stronger, then it would be possible to sacrifice everything else... including Chu Yuyan!

But when he lost everything, he finally realized, to his bitterness, that he truly had nothing. From that moment on, he began to wish that Chu Yuyan could simply be happy, and live a life of laughter and smiles.

Many years went by, and he believed himself to have forgotten his love from the past. But then one day...

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