Chapter 1199: The Outrage of the Bridge of Immortality!

Chapter 1199: The Outrage of the Bridge of Immortality!

The Bridge of Immortal Treading! [1. The Bridge of Immortal Treading arc started in chapter 453. Meng Hao met Han Shan in chapter 460, and the final arc in which Han Shan reunited with his wife began in chapter 468]

At one time, it was a majestic bridge that spanned the starry sky, constructed by the Ancient Demon Immortal Sect. But then... in the war waged by Ji Tian, it was destroyed....

That was the bitter, bloody war which was fought when the Ji Clan betrayed the Ancient Demon Immortal Sect. During that war, the Ancient Demon Immortal Sect was completely destroyed, and Blood Demon was seriously injured. With his life force mortally damaged, he fled to Planet South Heaven, where he was forced to divide his Nascent Divinity and become a clone.

The war also saw the body of the Frost Soil Demon Emperor destroyed, and his soul collapsed. Only a tiny aspect of his soul managed to escape, and was later reincarnated.

Mysteriously, no reports surfaced of the Withering Flame Demon Emperor having died; no one knew what fate he met by the time the war ended....

The Fang Clan led the resistance against the Ji Clan, vying...

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