Chapter 1197: Stopping By To Demand Payment!

Chapter 1197: Stopping By To Demand Payment!

“Taiyang Zi! You owe me money! Time to pay up!!”

“... You owe me money! Time to pay up!!”

“... Time to pay up!!”

The world in which Mount Sun existed seemed to be filled with countless Meng Haos, all of them shouting out at the same time. The mountains shook and the lands quaked. Countless cultivators were completely shocked.

Most surprising of all were the actual words he spoke....

Almost immediately, hundreds of furious cultivators flew out from one particular mountain deep within the world of Mount Sun.

“Collecting debt?”

“Who dares to cause a ruckus in Mount Sun!?”

“Such audaciousness!”

All of the disciples headed in Meng Hao’s direction. However, before they were even halfway to his location, one cultivator after another recognized who he was, and their faces fell.

“Meng Hao.... Dammit, I can't believe it’s him! Greedy, miserly Meng Hao!”

“Meng Hao was able to cut down Guru Heavencloud in battle, and also has a despicable Daoist magic that gets people to owe him money. It would be better to die than provoke him!”

“Ahem, well...

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